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Security & Safety

With the increased size of our beach, access to the club from the beach side has been made much easier. We are concerned with the security of our club and its members possessions, so we urge our members to take the following precautions.

Always leave doors locked when no one is present in the cabana.

Make sure to turn out the lights when leaving the your cabana .

In order for security to successfully make rounds to check doors, we ask that no obstructions be left on the deck.

Security and other staff will make "spot checks" throughout the season to verify membership and guest status.

Please carry bar coded membership cards when entering the facility.

Be sure that all guests have been properly entered into our computer system.

We would like to ensure that you have a safe summer at the Driftwood Cabana Club. Our Lifeguards and other staff have a responsibility to enforce safety regulations and other rules established by the club that will provide you with a safe club experience.

Caution signs placed throughout the club are to obeyed.

In the event of an emergency, your cooperation in aiding the staff is requested.

If you have medical training please inform the club manager.

Parents are responsible for their children at ALL TIMES.

Children under the age of 16 will not be admitted into the club without the accompaniment of an ADULT.

PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING THE BEACH AREA NORTH OF THE OLD JETTY! The waters north of the old jetty are UNGUARDED. Members using this area are putting themselves at the risk of having difficulties in the water.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer with us here at Driftwood.
We look forward to your continued membership.
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